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Movember? Completed it, mate. Time to shave off your moustache correctly.

If you don't like your mustache, shave it off. Honestly, I have only seen one man on here do justice to a mustache. Michaelis Maus who is a debonair, hedonistic, .

I Decided To Shave My Beard And In Doing So, I Unlocked Instant Baby Face . 8 Months Sober, Down 17kg (38ibs) And Finally Shaved Off My Neck Beard.

I have shaved my beard off twice. I was ok with that. I have never ever shaved off my mustache. Aint gonna happen. And I'm ok with that.

How To: (Respectfully) Shave Your Mustache So when the time comes to send it off (post-Movember, for example), make sure you do it with the spirit and.