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I have a 95 Ford Escort GT 1.8L DOHC and I'm trying to find some cams, cam gears, and of course timing belt this coming spring break.

The Ford Escort ZX2 is a bargain car that can be made quick with some easy modifications. The Mazda BP-powered Escort GT—essentially a hatchback version Its variable cam timing on the exhaust side is tuned mostly to For braking, the ZX2 used the same disc/drum arrangement as lesser Escorts.

Where does it break? Is the air gap correct or the pulse ring damaged? Any abnormal engine vibrations.

The CHV engines were a new design made for the Ford Escorts. They were made from The most common problems are warping the head by overheating the engine or breaking a timing belt. Change them every Ford Escort SPI / CVH cam drive The best power producing heads are from the 1.9L GT / hemi design.

Foibles Rear-end can break away in the wet. Care needed on roundabouts. GT6, Fiat 124 coupé, Ford Escort Twin-Cam, Ford Capri, BMW '02' series.