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Brazilians are pretty laid-back when it comes to most sexual issues, and homosexuality is more accepted here than in any other part of Latin America. That said.

Our favorite gay Brazil destinations whether you want to dance on a beach or an area in the north-east of Brazil, sums up the very essence of “Fortitude”.

LGBT people in Brazil represent 8.35% of the Brazilians, or approximately 20,000,000 LGBT citizens. A 2009 survey conducted by University of São Paulo revealed 7.8% of Brazilian males identified as gay and 2.6% identified Same- sex. Couples. rank. 1, Southeast, 32,202, 1. 2, Northeast, 12,196, 2. 3, South, 8,000, 3.

The GGC cites data from the Gay Group of Bahia that shows the Northeast as the most homophobic region in the country: responsible for 30% of the population.

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