Tutorial: How To Properly Reset Your Ecu - fuck honda radio code 95


Honda protects me from stealing my own CD player fuck honda radio code 95

Each car has its own individual code and can only be obtained by the dealer. Honda Car Stereo / Audio Removal and Installation Instructions . for a damn code that you should have already. i think honda's just trying to fuck everybody into the 95 because it had the cd, cassette and radio all in one. when i lost my code.

Hello all, i bought a 97 Honda Accord back in March 06. I dont have the radio code and my radio is locked. i've been without radio since then. i HONDASWAP is not a radio code service.. if you want help go to the fucking dealer just like everyone else.. eg6sir, May 2, 2007 hondaburner95 said: ↑.

Someone who has had their Honda radio stolen needs one! .. If it's a European market Ford, the code is linked to the radio serial number I actually drove a 95 Accord for 7 years (2009-2016) then sold it to a friend he.

I had my 95 Integra stolen about a year and a half ago. The car shares a ton of parts with an Accord and Civic, and the guy at the towing yard.

So I'm going out to buy an aftermarket radio for my '97 EX Coupe. I pull out the radio and I'm pretty sure I got ***-fucked outta my power door locks Any info.