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Lick, lick, lick my balls - Rick and Morty My chapped, bloody testicles. warm and fresh, and it must be administered by your tongue Mharti.

As much as you may love his penis, you probably have iffy feelings toward his testicles. The testicles, that sack that looks like two ping pong balls at the base of his penis, are a confusing element. Here are six disgusting things that can happen when you lick his testicles.

It goes by many affectionate names: Polishing the family jewels, hanging with dickie and the boys, chewing the goo, tea-bagging and gargling sac. We simply call it: Lick My Balls. Other companies claim to have the greatest blow job videos, we think they just suck dick.

Lick My Balls, often said "Lick, Lick, Lick My Balls! is a recurring catchphrase in the series, mostly used by Rick Sanchez. The phrase originated from the pilot.

A frase used to express extreme disagreement towards a request. Roughly translated as "I strongly disagree with your request my friend.".