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Non asian bale Non asian- big size Code 109- long sleeves 2700 177- mix blouse 4000 Romano's Ukay ukay bales/bulto factory sealed.

Pricelist Japan bales. Asian sizes. 109.Ladies Tshirts L/S#1 2,500 158 Cotton night wear 1,800 339.Mix pants.. 1,500 386.Cut shorts..2,600 sold out 490.

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Orade 17 40 White Bales 4 While females ' I Black Bales 1 Blmok females 1 Hispanic Bales 0 Hispanic females t Asian American Bales 0 Asian American.

285: Scott Bales & Claire Bull - Empathy in Understanding Asian Consumers by Asia Tech Podcast on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds.