Asian Pears 6 Count Gift Box - asian pears gift


Subarashii Kudamono brings taste of Asian pears to Lehigh Valley - asian pears gift

Now you can mail order fresh Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pears and gift baskets, full of supremely juicy, crisp and sweet flavor and grown in the fertile soil of.

sweet, crisp, juicy, crunchy fresh fruit; flavors of honey, starfruit, kiwi, melon in each bite; beautiful gift to give all Fall and Winter; Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift .

Asian Pears from The Fruit Company are as round and crisp as an apple and as juicy and flavorful as a ripe pear Add a special touch to your gift (optional).

Olympic Giant Asian Pear 6 Count Gift Box-Olympic Giant Asian 6 pears Count Gift Box. Containing 6 Olympic Giant Asian Pears. Shipping your Olympic Giant.

Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pears. Gift-worthy, Sumo-Sized Asian Pears. Kempton, PA. If you've never had a real Asian Pear, you're in for an INCREDIBLE .