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Rubella (German Measles): Symptoms, treatment, during pregnancy rubella in adult

What is rubella? Rubella, also called German measles, is caused by a virus that is spread from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Most adults who get rubella usually have a mild illness, with low-grade fever, sore throat, and a rash that starts on the face and spreads to the rest of the body.

Rubella, also called German measles or three-day measles, is a . Some teens and adult women experience temporary joint pain or stiffness.

Rubella (German measles) is an infection caused by the rubella virus. Rubella Symptoms, particularly joint pains, are more severe in adults.

Rubella is a contagious viral infection that occurs most often in children and young adults. Rubella is the leading vaccine-preventable cause of.