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5 Tips for Planning a Surprise Party planning an adult surprise birthday party

For an adult birthday party, serve foods that are easy to prepare and eat. If you' re planning the surprise party at home, have the chaperone take the honoree.

If this surprise party is for a birthday, holding a party on the day of might be a little hard to turn into an awesome surprise; your.

Nov 7, 2014 Few gifts can top a surprise party, but you'll need a solid plan to leak-proof Stragglers walking in with the birthday guest will ruin the reveal!.

This can often lead to confusion so whether you're hosting a surprise birthday party or a surprise bridal shower, here are some tips to get you started so you.

Throwing a surprise party can be a daunting task! of their birthday easily and calmly possibly plan a small overt birthday party with them or take them on a.