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The bench also said that if "the accused has not made the promise with prosecutrix (woman) to indulge in sexual acts, such an act would not.

Under the law, a man can be convicted of rape if it is established that he had sexual intercourse with a woman on the pretext of a false promise of marriage. Clarifying the legal position in this regard, the Supreme Court has held that in every case a man cannot be held guilty.

New Delhi: Jilting a lover despite sexual relationship, however abhorrent it may seem, is not an offence, the Delhi High Court has observed.

Law does not and cannot authorize extramarital relations. The provision declared a woman's sexuality to be the absolute monopoly of her.

According to Tammy Nelson, resident relationship expert at Ashley something is missing - either sexually or emotionally - and therefore looks to fulfil This person might not necessarily want to end their existing relationship, but is which revealed that the most common reason people sign up to its site is.