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/r/Debate is a subreddit dedicated to discussing formal styles of speech debate as practiced in high school and college. These include Lincoln Douglas, Policy.

The executive aired his concerns to the league's executive council, In contrast to Policy Debate's wonkish topics, L.D. featured more timeless resolutions. The purpose of “adult debate,” as with debate for 16-year-olds, is to.

Lincoln–Douglas debate is a type of one-on-one debate practiced mainly in the United States or NFL) competitions, and also widely used in related debate leagues such as the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association.

Sample of lincoln-douglas Lincoln-Douglas Debate typically appeals to individuals who like to ought to be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.

LD Debate. Lincoln Douglas debate centers on a proposition of value, which concerns itself with what ought to be instead of what is. Values are ideals held by .