Treatment of varicella in the immunocompetent adult. - immunocompetent adult


immunocompetent adult

Immunocompetent: Able to develop an immune response. An immunocompetent body is able to recognize antigens and act against them. Immuno- competent is.

Here, the authors describe an immunocompetent adult with primary varicella infection and review the literature on its clinical presentation and treatment.

J Med Virol. 1993;Suppl 1:90-2. Treatment of varicella in the immunocompetent adult. Wallace MR(1), Bowler WA, Oldfield EC 3rd. Author information.

The manifestations and treatment of CMV infection in immunocompetent adults will be reviewed here. The diagnosis of CMV infections in.

A 83-year-old female patient presented to our clinic with complaints of chronic dry cough, weakness and anorexia. On her physical examination, inspiratory.