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for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care . Use of Antiarrhythmic Drugs During Resuscitation From Adult.

The role of cricoid pressure during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and . Indications for emergency endotracheal intubation are (1) the inability of the .. timing or sequence (order) of drug administration and advanced airway.

(See "Supportive data for advanced cardiac life support in adults with in adults" and "Advanced emergency airway management in adults" and knowledge and experience of the entire team in order to provide the best care.

An algorithm for the initial management of in-hospital cardiac arrest is shown This may include calling a resuscitation team (e.g. medical emergency team .. and outcome from, in-hospital cardiac arrests in order to inform practice and policy.

of these materials, and for any claims, actions, demands or suits arising from such use. Emergency Department Chest Pain, Suspected Cardiac Adult. Order Set.