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Svetlana Darche has extensive experience in evaluation, strategic planning, the CDE, development of a new strategic plan for its Adult Education program.

Creating Options for High School Success Daniel W. Hancock Postsecondary and Adult Leadership Division; California Department of Education Rebecca California Career Resource Network Svetlana Darche, Director, Career Education.

Svetlana Darche is a senior research associate at WestEd where she is work in career-related education, workforce development, and adult education.

Svetlana Darche, Senior Research Associate. Nara Nayar, Research Associate . community involvement is an essential characteristic of work-based learning.

Education, Student, Teacher, School - Career And Technical Education (Cte) In comparison, Svetlana Darche and Brad Stam (2012) write in their article had left school without completing a program; of 34.6 million U.S. young adults aged.