Caudal Epidural Block: An Updated Review of Anatomy and Techniques - adult caudal


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Caudal epidural anesthesia has many applications, including surgical anesthesia in children and adults, as well as the management of acute and chronic pain.

Caudal epidural block is a commonly used technique for surgical anesthesia in children and chronic pain management in adults. It is performed.

Anesthesia and analgesia below the umbilicus – the very young a caudal block may be The volume of the sacral canal can vary greatly between adults. Drugs.

Caudal epidural block instead of general anesthesia in an adult with Duchenne muscular dystrophy Shabana Z Shafy,1 Mohammed Hakim,1.

Caudal lumbar epidural spinal blocks have become more popular as a for adult patients, and some needles allow introduction of a catheter.