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Cheap weight loss camps are in high demand. That show is cashing in with its own established programs for the public, but wellness centers everywhere have created their own systems for promoting fitness, healthy eating, and weight loss. Check out these weight loss camps for adults.

"I Survived Adult Fat Camp". Wanna know what really happens at a weight-loss retreat? One writer finds out. By Juno DeMelo. Forget Fifty Shades of Grey.

Adult fat camp or Adult Fitness Camp. 5/15/2011. Have you heard of parents sending their children to fat camps? These are becoming more common as obesity.

Tired of hearing the term 'fat camp'? We are too! Every day at our wellness & weight loss camp is as far from being a 'fat camp for adults' as you.

Unite Fitness Retreat is an all-inclusive fitness and weight loss camp for adults in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Move your body, change 8:30, Fat Burn Blast.